About Us

Fortress Studio

We operate in Fortress Studio together with Fortress Soundworks, an audio post production studio.
Fortress Studio is based in Suomenlinna, a sea fortress island close to the capital Helsinki, Finland.


Fortress SoundWorks

LUJA Sound Team

Atte Riihonen - LUJA Sound

Atte Riihonen

Mastering / Mixing / Studio Lessons / AV Production

Atte Riihonen, is a multi-talent music producer and a technician.

While he has a specialty in music mastering, he’s also experienced in music mixing, recording and overall music production.

Atte is also known as Riiho, and has been signed at the world’s leading Hardstyle record label Dirty Workz since 2015.

Oskar Hänninen

CEO / Sound Engineer / Kick Fix / Studio Lessons

Oskar Hänninen, the owner of LUJA Sound has been a very passionate music producer since 2008.

While his specialty is in music mixing, he is also a highly skilled producer and content creator.

In 2012 he made a new alias Digital Mindz, and signed at the world’s leading Hardstyle record label Dirty Workz in 2014.

Tomas Ihonen

Vocal Service / Sound Engineer / Music Producer

Tomas Ihonen, also known as Tarec in the Hardstyle scene, is an all-rounder audio engineer and music producer.

While working as a CEO and Foley recordist in Fortress Soundworks Oy, he is very passionate about music production aswell.

He has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of audio and how to record audio with professional quality.