Do you have a finished track but don’t have the required equipment and studio environment to do a mastering for it?

We will polish your track to the absolute limits in tone, loudness, and stereo-image.

With our mastering service your release will be ready to be delivered to any streaming platforms, while meeting the industry standards in quality.


Do you have a cool track, but the technical quality is just not there yet?

We can help with your track to reach its full potential by mixing the track to meet the industry standards.

Mixing is a very cooperative process, every adjustment will be made while respecting your wishes, so that you are totally satisfied with the end result and it fits to your own style.

Studio Lessons

Are you stuck with your productions and lacking the knowledge to do professional quality?

We can help you to accelerate your learning curve with educational studio sessions. Each session is different and is customized to your needs.


Kick Fix Service

Does your Hardstyle/Hardcore kickdrum have a nice character, but lacks strenght?

In our unique Kick Fix – your kick will be polished to a finalized kick drum which is ready to be used in any of your projects.

Event AV production

Are you an event promoter and want to create a cool story-line and a unique user experience for your event?

We will do anything your event needs to take the whole production to the next level.

Whether you need only the artist intros or a complete package including all the sound design and recording for a trailer and aftermovie – we are at your service.

Vocal Service

Do you need vocals for your track?

In our vocal service we record and write high quality vocals for you ready to use in your projects.